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March 21, 2012

Nicky Barkla Adds Some Color To Some Of The Most Recognizable Characters Of Fiction

Fan art is one of the most popular things we feature here on CCD. I think it is the familiarity of the characters that attracts people to these pieces. But every once and a blue I come across someone who takes those familiar characters and tosses them on their ear, recreating them in a way that inspires awe despite the fact that we have known these characters for years.  Australian artist Nicky Barkla does just that with her over-sized rainbow painted character portraits, and they are fantastic. The swirls of colors are hypnotizing, yet they do not take away from the recognizable features that each piece possess. Plus she is a bit of a hottie herself  (check out her self portraits....ming!!!).  You can click here to see all of her work, and you can click after the jump to see my faves...

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