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March 21, 2012

Skottie Young's 'John Carter' Comic Covers Give Us Something To Smile About In Spite Of The Disaster That Is The Film Adapation

The Disney Corporation owns Marvel, so you know the cross overs are going to start rolling out eventually. With 'The Avengers' set to hit theaters and the super heroes riding higher than ever, Disney seems to be hitching its wagon to the comic book producer. But one of the first moves they made as a team was an adaption of the 'John Carter: Princess of Mars' novel in a 5 issue mini series. The series was released in Sept 2011 and just finished up in January. It came out in lieu of the John Carter film (released by Disney... ya see what I'm getting at here) and sports covers by one of my favorite artists, Skottie Young. Skottie does a great job applying his own style to the cast of Barsoom and the results are great. I have not bought this series yet, but once it is collected in graphic novel form I will cop it instantly! The sequel series, a Warlord of Mars, is set to hit stores this month. Keep an eye out for it, because it may be the only sequel we see due to the underwhelming performance of the proposed blockbuster film. That makes me sad, but Skottie Young covers always bring a smile to my face. Click after the jump for all 5 covers...

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  1. Young is such a great artist. I remember how impressed I was with his stuff when he first made his mark. Something so different than most everything out in the comic world.