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February 17, 2012

Sean Hartter & Hero Complex Design Posters For What A Batman Film May Have Looked Like Under The Direction Of Someone Else...

Sean Hartter teamed up with the gang over at Hero Complex (specifically writer Geoff Boucher)  to come up with some faux film posters for Batman films done by different all star directors. Each one of these is better than the next, and some of them are just off the wall... but honestly, Sean takes alot of time to come up with all the little details of the film to sell the total poster's idea. I couldn't decide on just one that I liked, so I picked my favorite 7 out of the 15 that were designed. But here is the coolest part: If you click here, you can vote for the one that you like the best over at the Hero Complex website!!! Do me a favor and show my boy Sean some love by voting for your favorite... and click after the jump to see my personal favorite choices.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks crew! I had a lot of fun with the ideas Geoff had on tap, no doubt. Plus its my favorite topic...Batman! Thanks for featuring them!