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February 17, 2012

'The Snowtown Murders' Looks Batshit Insane... And Absolutely Brilliant!!!

God, the Australians truly make some insane flicks!!! After seeing Animal Kingdom (if you haven't seen this flick, get to it!) and the documentary "Not Quite Hollywood" (about the exploitation film industry in Australia during the 1950s-80s... a must see!) I have been ODing on Aussie films. I even went back to the classics like The Road Warrior to re-live my Australian film watching past. But this new film "The Snowtown Murders" looks absolutely insane. The film is based on actual events that occurred back in 1999, and it seems pretty intense. It opens up at the end of March, so keep your eyes posted for theaters showing it in your area. Click after the jump for the trailer and synopsis for this one... Viva Australia!!!!

Elizabeth Harvey (Louise Harris) is raising her three boys in Adelaide's poor northern suburbs. After her latest boyfriend displays pedophilic tendencies, she takes up with a new man, hoping for security but instead winds up welcoming an even more vicious predator into her home.
John Bunting (Daniel Henshall) is the moral compass among a circle of friends who hold self-appointed neighborhood watch meetings at the kitchen table. Fueled by cigarettes and beer they cast judgments on those living around them. Bunting enlists his crew in acts of sadistic vigilantism on those he considers deviants takes Elizabeth's son Jamie (Lucas Pittaway) under his wing. In a mix of misdirected hero worship and terror, Jamie becomes an accomplice to a spree of torture and murder.

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