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February 16, 2012

A Judge Dredd Children Cartoon... Wait, What????

My undying love for Judge Dredd will hopefully get a big pay off at the end of this year when we finally get a cinematic version of the futuristic lawman that is true to the comics in the form of bad ass Karl Urban and the new Judge Dredd movie. Now before you jump on my back and tell me about Sylvester Stallone's portrayal of Dredd (for the record, I like the movie... but it STRAYS immensely from the source material), I am going to show you something that will make Sly's version look even MORE faithful to the gritty comic. Recently an 1970's era episode of the British children's show Bod was uncovered, and it featured Mega City's meanest lawman facing off against the Angel Gang & the Dark Judges. Now despite the fact that in the comics this situation would definitively get bloody, Dredd handles the situation a bit more... kid friendly. Take a minute after the jump and watch this recently discovered video...

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