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January 11, 2012

Wu Tang Wednesday: The Wu Takes It To Transylvania!!!

My man Joe Fletch put me on to a phenomenal mixtape website called where you can download all types of cool hip hop mixtapes. Some old stuff, some new stuff, and some stuff that is just a bit out of the ordinary. Case in point: Check out this mixtape from Nocc & El Nino entitled "Castlevania Forever: The Mix Tape" that features mostly Wu Tang vocals over beats from the Castlevania games. This is fucking bananas!!! It is mostly Wu vocals, with a few appearances by guys like Kool G Rap & The Gravediggas. Click here to set up an account (it's free) over at Dat Piff and download this mixtape asap. It is super cool. Also, after the jump check out two of the tracks that were put up on Youtube. This will give you a taste of what is on the mixtape. Happy Wu Wednesday!!!