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January 26, 2012

Today, Alamo Drafthouse Goes Ape...

Alamo Drafthouse & Mondo always bring it when they collaborate with artists to construct a new poster project.Whether the subject is old school (like the killer Gremlins posters) or new school (their Once Upon A TIme series), the artists always hit a home run for the best team in the game. Last night I got an email featuring the newest series to come out of the Texas based powerhouse, and the subject is a classic: Planet of the Apes!!!! Check out FIVE different posters that are part of the set. All  five will be available as a set tomorrow (Thursday 1/26) and individually on Friday (1/27)... but the time is not released as of yet. You gotta follow Mondo on Twitter (click here) for the exact release info. If you buy all 5, you get the "Go Ape" poster from Jason Edmiston for free! Click after the jump to see what the series has in store for you...

The artists responsible for each piece are underneath each poster. Hope you enjoy!!!

Jason Edmiston

Florian Bertmer

Phantom City Creative

Rich Kelly

Ken Taylor

Martin Ansin

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