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January 12, 2012

'I'd Buy That...As a Tee!' Vol 28

Always on the look out for inspiring art... emblazoned across the chest of humanity. Here's some of the t-shirts I have my eye on to do just the trick but, there's only one problem....they aren't for sale yet! Please click the links below to the voting pages for each and give these beauties '5' ratings so I can throw 'em on my charge card one day.

**Please click READ MORE below..for Mo' Tees...Mo' Tees....Mo' Tees!**

'Saber vs. Water' is a simplistic yet galactically excellent design. Not sure if Han shooting first or second is going to amount to a hill of Jawa Juice beans with this weapon of choice....the 'Super Soaker' but, it'll be fun to see him try. Do or do not though...I know...I know.

'My Precioussssss Collection' is a video game/film saga mash-up of epic proportions. Two Ring aficionados Gollum & Sonic the Hedgehog finally get their hands on their preciouses. 

'Mecha Mouse'
 takes another shot at Disney's corporate monstrousness. I'm not simply mad about the mouse...but, I can't fault this design. 

'Ice Cream Headache' sure made me think...than my brain started to hurt. Next time you get brain freeze, think about how the ice cream cone must feel.

I dunno if 'MCVIII' aimed to remind me of the great (and Fantastic) Mr. Fox but, it certainly does! (whistle- click-click)

Not exactly sure what's going on in the Star Wars Homage, 'Dark Side' but there's Sith & a tattered, yet fully operational Death Star...and loads of graffiti paint. There are certain powers one cannot learn from a Jedi. Love the design. 

I propably wouldn't wear 'Arm Wrestle Mania' with all these ridiculous appendages representing THE classic wrestling greats of WWF's yesteryear...but, I love the spirit inwhich it was designed and all the detail that went into it. Whatchya gonna do, brother? When THESE pythons run wild on you?

'Family Vengeance' is a classic 80's character mash-up I've just recently seen elsewhere and hadn't given much thought to before but, I still plunge into the concept, though. Plumbin' ain't easy...but Mario better watch his back before he get's himself shell-shocked!

In 'Imitated Caterpillar', One large smoking slug takes the place of another in this Alice in Wonderland/Star Wars mash-up. I got a bad feeling about this!

Mr. Kool Aid's more alert older brother 'Brew Man' is high on caffeine and bustin' through office cubicles near you. Oh Yeeeeah!

'Bed Wetting Mark' seems to indicate that Watchmen's 'Rorschach' has been experiencing some pretty tormenting dreams as of late. I'm not gonna make fun of him though...are you?

Finally my fave this week kept it simple, stupid.  'Ninja Crossing' is a silent but deadly street sign I never want to see on a long walk home. Look both ways die!

Tune in next time...same tee time....same tee blog! Remember to vote!


  1. Love the SOnic/Gollum tee...I'd love to get that one, haha

  2. Sonic T is the best of the bunch for sure, but I like the Han/Vader one as well. The Rosarch one is pretty dope too

  3. Thanks for readin' & respondin' guys. These designers make it tough to pick a favorite each week for sure. I mean that Kool Aid coffee guy has the crazy eye...and that Sith Graffiti is gangsta!