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January 19, 2012

Community Gets A Superhero Makeover That Goes From Gotham To The Danger Room

This is really sad. I am probably one of the very few people left in my circle of friends who does not watch Community. I have seen episodes of the show, but I never watched it consistently. I know... I deserve to be punished. Anyway, given the fact that Community is currently hanging on for dear life (which makes no sense, because I heard NOTHING but GREAT things about this show) it seems multiple people are using the cast as fodder for fan art. Today we have two different "Team" shots of the gang, and both are wonderful. First we get a DC Comics take on the Greenvale Gang by Kinjamin in the style of the Bat Family & Batman's Rouge Gallery. Next, we take a trip to Westchester and get a X-Men styled portrait from artist Aviv Or. Gotta love these renderings, especially Ken Jeong as Nightcrawler. Check all three out after the jump...

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