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January 19, 2012

More Hot Pics Of Scarlett Johansson From A Fashion Shoot I Don't Care About It

I don't make excuses for the fact that I like to look at pictures of hot celebrities and I do not really care what the source of these photos are. I love the Internet for allowing me to see sexy pictures of celebs like Scarlett Johansson or Olivia Munn despite the fact that I have absolutely NO INTENTION of buying the fashion magazine or clothing that is being hawked in the shoot. Not only do I peruse these pics, but then I re-post said pics so that I can share them with my fellow CCDers. Really, how many of you guys want to see 10 sexy pics of Scar Jo? Ok... now how many of you guys are going to run out and buy some Mango clothing? Exactly... none. Your welcome. Check out Scarlett's photoshoot for Mango clothing after the jump...

Thanks to Jeff for this find. Somebody has to search out fashion photo shoots for us, and Jeff is that gal... I mean GUY!!!! Thanks to Egotastic for the pics.

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