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January 31, 2012

Alex Pardee's "My Favorite Monster" T-Shirts Are Frightfully Amazing... Buy One Now!!!

Alex Pardee is one of my favorite artists in the game right now. Not only are his off the wall styling's a joy to view every time I check in on his site, but the guy never seems to stop working and pumping out cool projects. Following up the success of his Butcher Kings collabo show with Skinner, Pardee has decided to bring his favorite monsters from horror movies to a T-Shirt near you. The usual suspects are all here, from Freddy, Jay & Mike to Leatherface and some others. But my fave has to be the Skollage shirt, which is totally crazy! Click right here to get over to the Zero Friends store and buy one right now... they are only 20 bucks a piece!!! Click after the jump for the sample pics...


  1. I think I like the Jason Vorhees best...or the Alien.

    Great find!

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