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January 31, 2012

Jesus Nazarenuz Fattens Up The Men Of Steel

I have featured Jesus Nazarenuz's fat superhero creations before here on CCD (click here to see the old post) and was pleasantly suprised to get a comment from the man himself last week. Seems Jesus got wind of us running his stuff (a few months after the fact) and he was really thankful. But the coolest thing he did was tip us off to the gallery of fat Supermen that he assembled over on his Deviant Art page (click here to see his gallery). He chronicled every actor who has held the mantle of the Man of Steel, from Kirk Alyn (star of the first Supes serials) to Henry Cavill (the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman film). they are wonderful, so you should check them out after the jump. Drop Jesus a line, and tell him the gang over at CCD sent you. Stay chubby Clark...

Superman Serial Star

Adventures of Superman

Superman I-V

The Adventures of Superboy

The Adventures of Superboy

Lois & Clark

Superman Returns

The Man of Steel


  1. This cat draws some realistic fat! Each fat guy is kinda different. Great!

    Crazy that so many pop culture things are being re-imagined these days as obese. A statement on today's society for sure.

    1. heheh ... very good ... i found it today man ... thanx more one time for share our art man , i ma really glad for it henry cavill deserve another fat version with your new supermans uniform ,but this is for later .. now i am working in other series about MMA fighters ... hehe yeah i will let everybody heavy weight ,.. hehe .. starting with anderson silva , brock lesnar , cain velasques and wand silva ... is not finished yet.... but very soon .. today , maybe..
      more one time , thanx a lot for this duddy....

      jesus loves you .. hehhe ..

    2. the first mma fighter already in deviant art..