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December 6, 2011

Little Big Planet 2 Is Finally Used For Something Great...

I myself have never payed, and will never play, 'Little Big Planet' for any video game system at all. Just not my thing. But who am I to criticize some other fellow nerds out there who like creating stuff from this game. Kudos to them. God knows I have some hobbies and nerd allegiances that would raise a few eyebrows (as I hide my Harry Potter box set under my Cloak of Invisibility). Anywho, my man Dracudelishio uses 'Little Big Planet' to create scenes from great movies amd nerd properties that we all love, and they are amazing. Need proof that 'Little Big Planet' can be cool??? Check after the jump for Dracudelishio's re-creation of Watchmen using LBP 2... it is insane!!!

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