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December 6, 2011

When Did The Full John Carter Trailer Drop???

Fuck me Freddie... when did the full John Carter of Mars trailer come out? I can't believe I missed this!!! I was over at my boy Cap'n Carrot's cool ass blog 'Xplosion of Awesomeness when I came across the full 2 minute clip... and lets just say that my mind is COMPLETELY BLOWN!!! Those of you who don't know the source material (novels by the great Edgar Rice Burroughs) are in for a dense story with some wild creatures and characters. The action in the books is always at a high pace and the story lines are really well written. Let's hope Disney sticks to the script and don't change to much. So far it doesn't look like they have deviated much. Check out the full trailer after the jump...

What do you guys think? Please leave some comments in the section below... I want to hear your thoughts!!!


  1. Trailer looks good... but i dunno how it'll do in the box office. not into the whole loin cloth too.. hahahahha

  2. Lock, he is only like that in the beginning. This whole fight sequence with the great white ape is one of the first scenes in the whole books series. He travels through many climates, fights in many scenarios, and has many friends and enemies on Barsoom (thats the real name of Mars in the books... yup, I'm a geek!) throughout all his adventures. My faith lies in Disney's unlimited pocketbooks and the Pixar super team of Andrew Stanton (writer and director, he did the same for Finding Nemo & Wall-E) & Michael Giacchino (doing the music, did the music for every Pixar flick as well as Lost). These guys are beasts... and the cast is spectacular. I'm all in on this one... it has the opportunity to be my sons generation Star wars. Trust me, the books are that good!!!