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November 4, 2011

I Wish I Could Have Seen This Neverending Story Themed Art Show

Early last month the Georgia based  art collective known as Magic Is Science presented a art showcase that featured work inspired by The Neverending Story. The Neverending Story is one of the greatest movies of the 80s and still holds up so well... it's one of my all time faves. I wish I could see more of the art that was featured, but after the jump you will see a few of the pieces I was able to track down, including a Atreyu action figure and a Falcor stuffed sculpture that are fantastic. Click after the jump for the pics...

A major toy line was never created for The NeverEnding Story. Children from the 80s (and now) weren't allowed to recreate their favorite scenes from this awesome movie (Falcor flying, Bastian screaming "Moonchild", Artax drowning, etc...). What if there had been a toy line This custom card design is based on the original Kenner Star Wars line. The action figure is a repainted Tonto figure from Gabriel. The Gmork image is from the Chronicles of Narnia: Wer-Wolf figure.

Both of the above two paintings were from Sam Mitchell as well.

Falkor stuffed sculpture created by artist Maria Teresa Garcia (pictured above)

The Magic Is Science crew: 1) Kristina Ackerman 2) Erin Armstrong 3) Carla Santaigo 4) Rich Aviles 5) Sam Mitchell 6) Jason Mallory 7) Michael Klapthor 8) Maria Teresa Garcia

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