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November 4, 2011

Three Videos That Will Make You Smile Today...

I have been bombarded with cool ass videos that I wanted to share with my fellow CCD gang, but I have been struggling to get them all posted. So I decided to hit you with a 3 for 1 in this post... and they are all wonderful. First up, we have star of Community & Mystery team Donald Glover's first rap video under his alias "Childish Gambino". This one is great. Then we got a theme song for the NES classic Ghosts n Goblins that is sure to make all you 8-bit fans smile. And finally, we rap it up with a Evil Dead 30th anniversary tribute video. Time to get to viewing!!! Click after the jump for all three vids...

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino (this is the best rap name ever) - Bonfire

Ghosts n Goblins Theme, with all new lyrics:

And finally, the 30th anniversary Evil Dead Tribute Video:

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