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November 8, 2011

The DeLorean Gets Some Swanky Re-Designs Over At Worth 1000

Worth 1000 is an excellent graphic/digital art website that sponsors many contests and challenges for artists to re-design or re-imagine iconic people, places, and things. The contest that caught my eye first (there are so many galleries!!!) was the contest concerning The DeLorean from the Back to the Future trilogy. Contestants were asked to re-imagine the classic dull grey exterior of the DeLorean to better reflect other popular cars and vehicles from the past. These are just wonderful. Click after the jump for some great stuff...

James Bond Car by Dondaron
Tardis (Dr Who) by Pacta
Herbie by SHmaster
Millenium Falcon (with Han Solo) by Philiboy
Transformer by AkMiracle 
Tron by Thum2
Wacky races by Carugo63
Back to the Future Again by Shaktale


  1. check out my video called 'cory and his delorean' :D