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October 26, 2011

This Live Action 'Luigi's Mansion' Fan Video Is Amazing

Luigi's Mansion was a very fun/scary take on the other brother in the Mario clan, a dope walkthrough adventure with a horror tinge to it. Despite being quite short in length, this launch title for the GameCube system  was one of my faves to play back in 2001. I caught this live action fan film of the game posted on YouTube a few weeks back and I held onto it for All Horror Week due to the fact that it was completely awesome. The effects are great and the guy playing Luigi really sells it... Check the full video out after the jump.

1 comment:

  1. Loved that game. This was a fun sketch. This guys Luigi impression, while pretty good, started sounding like a bad Sandler voice and I wanted to punch something.

    all-in-all a great find!

    Speaking of Sandler...could he have dug ANY deeper into the barrel of slop he reaches into to select his plots for his comedies to create this mess they're now advertising 'Jack & Jill' what's next for him? Blackface?