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October 25, 2011

Sean Hartter Takes On Three Horror Movie Icons... And Lives To Tell The Tale!

One of my favorite artists that I have come across since I began this blog would have to be digital artist Sean Hartter. Ever since the first time I laid eyes on his Alternate Universe Movie Posters and other amazing digital creations I was completely drawn in buy his stylized artwork. But one of the reasons I like his stuff so much is because he seems to pick subjects that are always near and dear to my heart. When I saw his recent takes on the big Hollywood horror three (Freddy, Jason and Mike) I had to share them with you for All Horror Week. I hope you like them as much as I do. Click after the jump to see all three...

I always loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books, and the various endings suit the Nightmare on Elm St storyline extremely well. The cover of the book is so spot on to the originals as well... good stuff!

Making Jason the mascot to his own cereal... what a great idea. And the marshmallows are all shaped like hockey masks... brilliant!!!

The third Halloween movie had nothing to do with Michael Myers, yet Hartter goes back to the jack-o-lantern imagery of the opening credits of Halloween Pt. 1 to drive home the piece. I also like the play on the TV... if you have seen the travesty that is Halloween III, then you get the reference.

Nice job Sean... now all of you get over to his site and order some shit ASAP (click here).