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October 26, 2011

Proof That There Is A God: Danielle Harris Edition

Howard Beach Represent!!!

No Words... Just Thanks!!!

Thanks for the photos and video IGN!


  1. i feel the need for a shower, because when i saw her in the halloween movie... she was a cute in danger little... little girl. now i have to say, wow-wow-wow...

    Jeremy [iZombie]
    iZombie Lover

  2. Not only is she smoking hot, from my hometown (Howard Beach represent!), and has some of the sexiest ink I have ever seen... but when I had the chance to meet her she was super sweet and cordial. She signed a dozen posters for me to give out and spoke with me for like 20 minutes. Love this girl.

  3. OOOOO I see a lot of images in my day but she is stunning. She is one who gets you researching other things about her so that you start looking out for her and the stuff she is in. Terrific look. You are a true connesierre (sp) of the sexy.

  4. About a week ago I saw the Last Boy Scout, again. I wondered what had happened to her. I ended up IMDbing her. Now you show these pics. You're awesome.