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October 26, 2011

Artin' It Up: All Horror Week Edition pt II by Tommy Lombardozzi

Hey hey, whattup guys and ghouls?! 

Welcome back to my "Artin' It Up" feature! As planned, I have an all-new piece for C.C.D.'s ALL-HORROR WEEK! This one is called... "THE TRICK OR TREATERS" Click after the jump for the full sized picture and explanation...

It's done in pen with digital colors. I initially wanted to color it with watercolor paint, but I'm just a bit too busy this week. Turns out I like the monochromatic look anyway, so it turned out just fine. I hope you enjoy it, too!

The inspiration for this was the idea that, yeah, all these little monsters come to your door on Halloween day lookin' for some loot. Well, this is what it would look like if ACTUAL little monsters came calling!!! Yowza!

And there you have it. Show yer friends... and don't eat any loose candy!!! Stop by my websites and buy some shit!!!

Until next time...


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