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October 18, 2011

Art Held In Contempt Volume 11: Paul Barnes

For each new installment I'll spotlight an artist from painters to sculptors and street artists whose work reflects the ever-evolving world of contemporary art. Without further ado I present you to Paul Barnes..........

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Raised in rural Scotland surrounded by nature and folk tales, Paul Barnes' paintings have an aged simple air that brings to mind one's childhood bedtime stories. While his work appears innocent and light there is a somber undertone that filters through and shakes up the snug childish vision. His quiet style allows you to create your own narrative and turn on that imaginative light which fades as we get older.
Lazer Monkey


Sweeten the Kitty

The Eternal

The Presence

Mocking Bird


White Fox

Words of Wisdom


Resting Place

Lonely Bear


China Bull

To see more of Paul Barnes' work check out his official website

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