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October 18, 2011

Voltron: The End

Don't you love living in the era of the fan film? While most of them are pretty lame, usually from trying too hard, there are a few that sneak in that are absolutely perfect. Made by smart filmmakers who use their resources well and take a less is more approach, it's amazing how they can nail character and mood in such a small form.

Here we have a dark and gritty take on our favorite universe defending collection of robotic conjoined lions. And while there isn't really much to see, it's just enough to make any 80's kid smile.

This is going right up there with some of my other favorite fan films, like "Batman: Dead End" and the recent "Casey Jones." The film is credited with being directed by Alex Albrecht, who appears to be some sort of struggling actor/comedian/podcaster. I hope they give this guy money. Hey, it worked for the Mortal Kombat guy.