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August 5, 2011

Good Morning...Nips!

This is the kind of heartwarming story we, here at CCD, love to read about and, more importantly, see photos of...lots and lots of photos! Apparently, the always delicious, Nicki Minaj, and crazy, performed live in Central Park Friday morning as part of the Summer Concert series for 'Good Morning America'. In the heat of the moment, boobs jiggled...and were released from their containers. Love me some nip slips! I hope she and her peeps aren't apologizing to the country for the next 10 years like Janet and Justin. Go get 'em Nicki!

***Click 'Read More' below for more of Nicky's Nips!***


  1. whooa, how long was her nip hanging out?! smh "and these are our hero's". smh but i must admit they are a mouth full.

  2. Wow... I am going to go out on a limb and say that her choclatey nip was out longer then it was in... niche!!!

  3. They seemed to get smaller the more it slipped out would seem like these women would feel a breeze or something lol