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August 5, 2011

Sean Bean Has Trouble Staying Alive

Come to think of it...YEAH. Sean Bean does die in like everything. And not just dies, but dies in the most ridiculous and violent ways possible. Like he doesn't just get shot or stabbed, he gets shot like 10 times in a row, or he gets stabbed...and then exploded!

Here's a very thorough and surprisingly kind of emotional montage(the music really makes it) of all his grisly demise's.

WARNING - as there are characters dying here, so it should go without saying there are spoilers for over 20 different films and TV series.

Amazing right?! I think my favorite one is that bit with the cows. W..T..Fing..F?

This Supercut is courtesy of the talented  Harry Hanrahan, whose work we have featured before. You can see lots of great other work from him at his YouTube channel,  hh1edits.


  1. I remember that scene in Equilibrium. You're right - he dies often!

  2. That film had the most ridiculous story, yet I still enjoyed it.