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July 13, 2011

Wu Tang Wednesday: The Challenges Of Interviewing Old Dirty Bastard

This is an amazing behind the scenes clip of Old Dirty Bastard being interviewed by MTV's John Norris... better yet, this shows the challenges that a guy like Norris must have faced trying to compile two minutes of usable material while trying to interview a maniac like ODB. "I remember the nigga that was riding the bike in the sky..." "Keep it good kids... keep it good, cause you know I'm gonna love you forever!" Wow... unreal. This man was truly a complete nutjob. He was a musical genius, and I appreciate his work even more when you realize he did all of that despite of his craziness. I miss ODB. He was taken far to soon. Enjoy this interview and remember the good times. Ason Jones, you my man for life!!!!

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