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July 12, 2011

OHC Of The Day: Hayley Atwell

God love the British and their never ending stream of hottie actresses. I can't get enough of the UK's young up and comers, and Hayley Atwell is no exception. She made a name for herself acting in a few TV movies across the pond (those things are huge over there) and I first seen her in last summers 'Pillars of the Earth' mini-series (which was unbelievable and a must watch). That role garnered her a Golden Globe nomination and probably helped her secure the role of Peggy Carter in the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger. Being in a huge Marvel Comics movie is sure to pump up her exposure, and I am sure she will figure into sequel plans for what is sure to be a franchise in the making. The buzz on the movie is that it is great and may end up being the best of all the superhero movies released this summer. I am not sure how true that will be, but one thing is for certain: Captain America is sure to feature one of the hottest girls on the planet!!! I'm certain Ms. Atwell won't be an Obscure Hot Chick for much longer.

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