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July 13, 2011

Kenny Powers, MFCEO... (Holy F'n Shit)!!!!

"I killed you..."- Hysterical!!!

This is the new promo advertisement from K Swiss featuring Danny McBride as his alter ego from Eastbound & Down, Kenny "Motherfucking" Powers. If you have not seen the show (you better make time, one of the funniest shows on TV) or the Kenny/K-Swiss commercials in the past (we covered them last year, click here to see), this clip will probably take you by surprise. I know I was shocked when I saw McBride's brash, over-the-top character hawking a real product in his insane way. Kudos to K Swiss for saying fuck the status quo and thinking outside the box in order to attract a new clientele. If they want to compete with Nike and some of the other big shoe companies, it doesn't hurt to feature some high profile athletes (Patick Willis, Urijah Faber, Matt Cassel, etc ) and cool celebrities like Michael Bay and Jillian Michaels doing some outrageous shit. A perfect combo that makes me super excited for season 3 of Eastbound and Down, which is coming up soon. The language in this one is quite colorful, so don't go blasting it in the office... unless your boss is a badass like KP baby!!!!


  1. If everyone started advertising like this, I might actually pay attention! Also, I would like Matt Cassel to come to the movies with me for all the texters.

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  2. That's the best thing I've seen all week.