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July 26, 2011

Just Another Reason To Love Cosplay & Adrianne Curry

This past weekend was the annual shit show that is the San Diego Comic Con, which is a true nerd mecca. Even the celebs get in on the fun, because some of them are geeks at heart to. Case in Point: Adrianne Curry. The very sexy former reality star has long been known for her extreme cosplay costumes over the years. She loves to get all dressed up in some sexy character outfits and is frequently the highlight of any con she attends. Well, this year one of her costumes was so accurate it got her escorted off the floor because it was "Too Sexy"!!! Apparently, the powers that be of at SDCC were not happy with Curry's choice to go as Aeon Flux... aka the girl cartoon character that wears a leather bandana over her vagina. Holy god did Curry get this one right. She is so hot. After being asked to leave, she returned the next day as a sexy Imperial Officer. This lady is the best. Check out my boys over at The Superficial who wrote a funny post about the whole incident and a bunch of more photos after the jump. God bless you Adrianne. You are the best.

***Please click Read more below to see more of the sexy Adrianne Curry in costume***

Not happy about leaving

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