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June 21, 2011

Michael Bay Finally Comes Clean About Megan Fox Being A Douche

Fox, Spielberg and Bay

I think this one is hilarious. Two years ago Megan Fox announced she was leaving The Transformer franchise that made her the obsession of guys across America because director Michael Bay "... wanted to be like Hitler on the set" and "... he (Bay) is a nightmare to work for". I suspected that this was just another case of a celeb making something up to cover the fact that she got fired. At the time, Bay towed the line and said that there was no issue and Fox just wanted to move on to other projects. I knew this was fishy....

She is hot...

Fast forward two years.  Fox has made a few stinkers (Jennifer's Body anyone?) and never capitalized on the bazillion magazine covers she has graced. 'Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon' is set to open and I bet Fox wishes she would have stayed on the mega franchise. Fox has stuck to her guns, but Bay apparently couldn't take anymore and lost his mind during a GQ interview for the July issue. After being told that Fox was still bad mouthing him and saying she left the franchise, Bay exploded. He dropped some gems about Fox's work ethic, what really happened to make her leave the movie, and WHO really made the choice to 86 Fox. Here they are:
On Fox's work ethic: "She was in a different world, on her Blackberry. You gotta stay focused." "I'm sorry Megan. I'm sorry I made you work 12 hours. I'm sorry that I making you show up on time. Making movies is not all warm and fuzzy!"
On who pulled the trigger on firing Fox: "And you know, the Hitler thing... Steven (Spielberg) said FIRE HER RIGHT NOW".
The article interviews 60 other collaborators that have worked with Bay and sing his praises. Say what you want about his movies, but it seems that actors and co-workers love working with Bay. It was noble of Bay to try and allow Fox the chance to have a career, but now he has had enough and told the truth. Spielberg don't play that Nazi shit... he hit her with the patented Trump "You're Fired!" with the quick-fast.  Bay also adds that Fox texted him 3 months ago to see how he was doing. Hmmmmm... whats wrong Meg? Career not going as good as it would have been if you cashed that mega check from Transformers 3? I just have one question: How did Megan Fox text anyone with her mutant Troll Thumbs???

Good God... they are GIGANTIC!!!!

Notice how she tucks them monstrous thumbs in her panties?


  1. She has 'toe thumbs' and that is an absolute deal breaker for me. It's like she was in an industrial accident and lost her thumbs but then had the second toe on each foot graphed in their place...TOE THUMBS! It's the mark of the beast!

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