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June 2, 2011

2 Different Links To The Zelda Franchise.... See What I Did There?

Because I used the word Link in the title of a post about Zelda.... get it? I am so witty. Anywho, here is a piece of Fan Art and a video featuring the Zelda characters that is sure to scratch the itch you may have waiting for a new Zelda adventure worthy of this storied franchise.

First up, we got 'The Final Boss' by deviant artist Tsaoshin. It features a treu to scale look at just how much the odds were stacked against Link when he defeated Gannon on Death Mountain back in the day. That's one strong ass triforce!!!

I only have one beef: I see Links sword and a triforce, but where are the arrows that you need to kill Gannon? If you went against him without them, you were doomed to fail and couldn't beat him, right???

Next up, here is a "Link To The Future", a fan made video that does an excellent job of mixing up the Zelda franchise and Back To The Future. This one is excellent. See for yourself.

How great was that? Doc Brown: "You gotta come back with me" Link: "Wait, what... I just got here!". Very well done. Great job guys. Hope these helped you gte your Hyrule fix. 

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