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May 20, 2011

Trailer Trash Talkin': 1981 or Bust by Kristen Grillo

Trailer Trash Talkin’: 1981 Or Bust!

So in case you missed it last week, CCD is allowing me to introduce you to the good, the bad, and the god awful movie trailers of 1981.  Every week we’ll go back in time and see what was playing in theaters 30 years ago.  My, my how times have changed.  Or….haaaave they?  Have you SEEN the disgraceful remakes that have been announced lately?

Now get a load’a these gems that were released this week in 1981…

Outland – May 22nd, 1981
Starring Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, Frances Sternhagen
Directed by Peter Hyams

There’s some chatter that this movie is set to be remade this year.  How surprising.  I’ve never seen this film.  And now I want to….before a shitty remake is made.  Hello, Netflix Queue!

Check out some of these taglines too:
  1. “On Jupiter’s moon, something deadly is happening.”  - (Is that so…)
  2. “Even in space, the ultimate enemy is man.”  - (When I looked quick, I swear it said “enema”).
  3. “On lo, one of Jupiter’s moons, Sean Connery is the law.” 

Now… replace Sean Connery with……Channing Tatum!  (Gross).

Bustin’ Loose – May 22nd, 1981
Starring Richard Pryor, Cicely Tyson
Directed by Oz Scott

The trailer quality is terrible but it was the only one available.  Please forgive me.  And YouTube.

While you’re at it, forgive Richard Pryor.  This film looks like pure crap.

The Four Seasons – May 22nd, 1981
Starring Alan Alda, Carol Burnett
Directed by Alan Alda

This film got a rating of 7 out of 10 stars on IMDB.  Let’s go to the video tape….

Surprisingly, I enjoyed this trailer.  If this movie was (re)made today, it’d probably be casted with young, attractive people and would include awful cheesy antics as an attempt to be cute and relatable.  (Katherine Heigl anyone?) 

And that’s that.  Do you remember any of these films?  How do you think they would do in today’s box office?  Let us know!  And God bless all….who were born…in 1981.


  1. “Even in space, the ultimate enemy is man.” - (When I looked quick, I swear it said “enema”).

    pfft! haha

    God will not bless a remake that does NOT stand true to its predessor.

    And that is the word of Satan!

    No.. Joe Attanasio.. Me. The devil's cabana boy.

    It's not youtube's fault some people don't have a clur how to modify and adjust video quality. haha

  2. 'Outland' is now saved to my Netflix queue. I think you guys got the last copies.

    I'm sure I must have seen 'Bustin Loose' a few times. Those Pryor films start to all blend together in my mind.

    Aah 'The Four Seasons' things were so much more white in '80s, no?

  3. 'Bustin' Loose' is great!!! I saw it a few years ago (fairly recently)... it's funny. It was a more family-friendly movie of his, but it had good laughs. Watching Richard Pryor is always a treat.

    And in case you didn't know, they actually made a TV show out of this in the mid-'80s, starring Jimmie Walker in the Pryor role. I remember watching it, but I don't remember if it was good or not.

  4. Bustin Loose is a phenomenal movie... super funny. Its not Richard's best movie, but if you can keep a straight face for more then 10 minutes with him on the screen then you may be dead!

    I believe Outlander is on Netflix Instant... and I also would love to tell you it is a turd. This and Zardoz are the lost space movies of Connery and in my opinion should do just that... stay lost!

    Four Seasons is a cheesefest. Burnett is fun to watch in anything, but its just corny. Meh.

    How much of a film geek am I that I have seen all three of these movies... I am a loser!

  5. I used to dig "Outland." A staple of channel 11 for a while. I always thought Sean Connery as a space cop was pretty cool. And the weapon of choice being a shotgun, cause the pellets won't destroy the hull, is good stuff. The execution may not live up to the premise, but still fun.

    All three of those movies share the fact that the respective actors are the only saving grace.