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May 19, 2011

Maria Who???

I really don't think Arnold cares, nor ever cared about his marriage all that much. Given the fact that he impregnated a woodland creature while married, then I see these pictures from the late 80's/early 90's and I have to think he probably will get over his hideous looking wife finally leaving him. Need more proof? Look at the smile he got in these pics:

A CCD original!!!

Another CCD Original!!!

Tell us what you think Arnold told Maria when they broke up in the comment section below. This can be really funny. Get to work guys!!!


  1. Damn I'm kind of pissed that he has screwed up his marriage. This guy has done it all. Immigrant, turned best body builder in the world, to fantastic movie star, to politician. What more could you ask for in life. I guess one more child or a quickie. I still have not seen pictures of the 'maid', but I have heard that she is hideous. But was she hideous 10 years ago? Ah who cares? It's Arnold! He's still the man to me!

    'Get to the choppa!'

  2. He has balls. He must have forgotten that she is a Kennedy and what happens to the enemies of those bootleggers.