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May 19, 2011

Willy Wonka Turns 40... You Guys Look Great (Cough, Not Really, Cough)

Wait, what.... Willy Wonka is 40 years old? Jesus Christ I feel old. This kind of makes me sad, for one reason only: It's getting closer to us losing a true talent, one of the greatest comedians ever, Gene Wilder. Wilder has not made many films in the last 20 years, and he is at his absolute best in this one. Anywho, here is a comparison pic of the stars of the movie:

Click to enlarge

Well, here are my three thoughts on this compilation of before and after photos:

  1. Wilder looks great, even though he must be getting up there in age (Im to lazy to check, but he has to be in his late 60s/early70s, no?)
  2. I had no idea that Rusty Goffe, the man who was the Oompa-Loompa, was also a Jawa. Now that is gangster!!!
  3. Is Michael Bollner (Augustus Gloop) finding his new career as a stand in for Colonel Sanders ok... cause he looks like a sad, sad man.
I also had a chance to meet Paris Themmen (Mike TeeVee) at a convention last year, and boy was he a  bit of a douche. Had to get that one off my chest. Can't believe it's been 40 years.... thanks for the memories!

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