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May 27, 2011

The Hangover + The Muppets = Danny Trejo


The most telling and exciting thing about this teaser, is that it's a spoof of, and is going to be running in front of "The Hangover Part II." A trailer, for a Muppet movie, before a hard R rated movie. That's of course not to say that I'm expecting it to be "Meet The Feebles" but it does speak to the audience they are selling this movie to and the confidence they have in it.

Can we hope to have more movie specific teasers throughout the summer as we build towards "The Muppets?" Perhaps Harry Potter and Captain America style Muppet teasers!

Man there are going to be a lot of celebrities in this thing eh? Not too much more footage than the last teaser. Some shots of an apparently dilapidated Muppet Theater. Not used in quite some time as evidenced by the Rubik's Cube on the desk. Looks like maybe Kermit's old office judging by the line of banjos adorning the wall.

I love all the quotes and their respective sources. I would totally subscribe to "This Week Monthly."

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