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May 24, 2011

A Clockwork Orange: The Comic Book.... Viddy Well, Little Brother!!!

Comic artist/writer Kevin Colden loved the Anthony Burgess novel/Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange so much that he decided to come up with a graphic novel adaption of it... what a great fucking idea! How come no one had thought of this sooner? Anywho, Colden drafted a 150 page script from the original novel and came up with a few pages of concept art to pitch. Nothing has come of it yet, so Colden decided to release the art on his blog, Optical Disillusions.

Here is what Colden had to say about the project:
Every once in a while, like most comic creators, I'm asked the question "If you could do your dream project, what would it be?" For me, the answer is easy: for many years now, I've wanted to adapt Anthony Burgess' classic novel A Clockwork Orange into comics form. I'm not entirely sure why; I'm also a big fan of Stanley Kubrick's work, and no one could successfully argue that his iconic film adaptation is in need of improvement. Maybe I just like a good challenge. In any case, during the summer of 2009, I found myself dealing with a major family crisis and in need of something to keep my mind occupied during long interstate train rides and otherwise insanity-inducing idle time at my destination, and the one thing I found that could occupy mind enough was this long-dormant idea.
Sounds good to me... here are the pages he published. Click the link above and show him some love in his comments section. These are wonderful!!! My favorite part of them is the orange hue that each page has... very original and creepy. Enjoy!

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