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May 26, 2011

The Best Cosplay Of The 2011 Wizard Big Apple Comic Con In NYC

Here are a few photos that we snapped of some excellent cosplayers who were geeking up the joint at the 2011 Wizard Big Apple Comic Con on May 21-22 in NYC. These guys were great... keep it up!!!

Awesome Aquaman

Batman Punching Manzo

Blue & Gray Batman!!!

Big Daddy from Bioshock
***Click Read more below to see tons of more Cosplay photos from the 2011 Big Apple Comic Con***

Lanterns Unite!
KMG & Britney as Planet of the Apes!!!

Ding Dong, The Rollergirl is dead!!!!

Spidey's Unite

Spidey's Pt. 2

Star Trek Red Shirt

8 ft. Tall Wookie!!!

Big Daddy from Bioshock

Big Dady from Bioshock Pt. 2

Cammy & Fletch


Green Arrow, Black Canary, Aquaman, and ???

Iron Fist

Nightcrawler (with Tommy in the background photo bombing!!!)


Psylocke pt 2

Psylocke Ass Shot (Your Welcome)

Dead Rollergirl pt 2

Dead Rollergirl pt 3

Group Cosplay


Wonder Girl


  1. That 'little sister' pic just looked pervy.

  2. Which 'little sister' pic Kal... Im confused?

  3. I think he means our 'Little Sister' Brittany :)

    That grey/blue Batman costume knocks my socks off!

  4. That Batman suit... I will have it.

  5. Nice costumes. Should've taken a pic of someone taking out that redshirt. would've been funny.