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May 3, 2011

Baby Boba Fett All Growed Up!!!

Check out this photo of Daniel Logan (aka the child actor who played a young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones) as a full blown Boba Fett. This photographic is unreal and comes to us from A-Squared Concepts .

Jeff sent this one over to me with a real cool thought:
How great would it be if someone rangled Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, et. al and did just a photgraphy shoot as how they would look revisiting the characters they might have played in a hypothetical prequel film. (i.e. General Solo in his 40's-50's, Peter Mayhew as a few hundred year old, grey haired wookie!...etc.)
I couldn't agree more... so how bout it A-Squared? Get cracking on that ASAP, will ya!!!


  1. "Peter Mayhew as a few hundred year old, grey haired wookie!"
    I hate to break it to this guy, but Chewbacca dies. He dies a horrible death at the beginning of the Vong War, being crushed as a moon falls on him destroying a planet, while saving Han Solo's son.
    At least he went out with style.
    The picture is AWESOME though.

  2. Chewbacca dying is not canon. And I think for the purposes of a cool fantasy photo-shoot it would be fine and pretty cool.

  3. I agree Rob... even if it were canon (which its not) Jeff was obviously talking about the MOVIE versions of these characters, or shall I say the actors who portrayed them. I think it would be great, but while guys like Mayhew and Anthony Daniels would probably jump at the chance to do this, I am not so sure Mr Ford would be so eager....