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April 15, 2011

A to Z Blogging Challenge - Day #13 - Letter M - Movies That You Have Probably Never Seen & Should... ASAP!

One of my alltime faves... and you probably never even heard of it!!!

Anybody who reads this site knows that I am a movie freak... I watch way to many films, and I am a cinefile of epic proportions. I am also trainng my 8 year old son Mikey to follow in my footsteps in the way of the order... But thats neither here or there. Since I have such a vast knowledge of movies, here are 10 movies that you probably have never seen (or heard of!!!) that you need to watch.... ASAP!!! Make these happen... you will be a better movie watcher afterwards. Here we go:
  1. Danger Diabolik - Crazy Italian 1960's superhero/spy movie
  2. Santa Sangre - Cult classic that features a fucked up circus and mongoloids... what else do you want?
  3. BloodSucking Freaks - Torture Horror from the 70's... the real deal!
  4. The Krays - A true story English gangster movie about twin crimelords. Awesome.
  5. Hysterical - Terrible 80's B-movie comedy that is so bad its great.
  6. Brotherhood of the Wolf - French werewolf movie set in the 1700's.
  7. Men of Respect - Gangster retelling of Macbeth with John Turturro, Peter Boyle, and Rod Steiger
  8. The Wizard of Gore - The godfather of all modern gore movies.
  9. Murder by Death - Neil Simon adaption of a Clue-like murder mystery way before Clue. Great Cast.
  10. Saturday the 14th - Horror spoof with Jeffrey Tambor that is classic 80's.


  1. Saturday the 14th...yeah, okay. I'll admit. I have seen that one. lol

  2. First of all 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' was the bomb...and way ahead of it's time. I'm glad you liked it..I saw it in theaters back when everyone didn't know what to make of it. Werewolves, Injuns, and karate? Fuck yeah!

    Second...we need to discuss 'Danger Diabolik' ASAP. I must admit I never even heard of it until Kal mentioned it a few times on his website. I can't believe this one hasn't had 12 sequels!! It's like 'Bond' but way cooler!

    I remember renting 'Saturday the 14th' when I was a kid 'cause my older brother was on a 'Friday the 13th' renting tear and I thought picking that one up would make me cool! Can't remember a thing about it...except that it din't immediately make me feel cool for picking it once we watched it. I'll have to give it another shot.

    I'm adding the rest of your picks to my Netflix queue since your so dead right about the others.

  3. Brotherhood of the Wolf=AWESOME!

  4. Saturday the 14th is a real childhood fave of mine. I just love the goofiness of it. Its not scary, or good for that matter. But I love it... glad to see everyone else feels similiar!

  5. Jeff & Bri- I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf in the theater as well. So great.

  6. I was big into Saturday the 14th Strikes Back. One of the worst movies ever.