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April 6, 2011

Did Kirstie Alley Try To Eat Her Dance Partner On Live TV?

Get In My Belly!!!

Hahahahahahaha.... thats what you get when you sub an elephant in where a female celebrity under 175 lbs should be. I'm not saying they all gotta be Nicole Scherzinger (why not?), but they should be more in shape than Gorilla Grodd...  er, um, I mean Kirstie Alley. Check the video for yourself (fall takes place around the :20 second mark):

I got this video via The Superficial. Here is what they added:
This also led to Kirstie falling to the floor which surprisingly did not trigger the massive San Andreas seismic event geologists have been anticipating....
...As of this post, ballistic experts are still searching the studio for Maksim’s kneecap which thankfully was pointed away from the audience.
Hahaahahahahahaha... If only she would have fell ON him. That would have really sealed it for me. Meanwhile, I read elsewhere that they went on to recieve a higher score for this routine then last weeks, despite not blowing out a thigh muscle and tumbling to the floor. Whatever credability this show did have just went FALLING out the window (see what I did there... Falling? LOL....). Isn't this show called Dancing With The Stars? When did they start filming this at Sea World? Really... I can do this all day.


  1. Awww She looks kinda cute falling. Had a crush on her back in the 'Cheer' days. Still love her. She could get it.

  2. I think its pretty funny you used the word "Crush" when dealing with this post.... lol!