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April 28, 2011

'The Batman Complex' Is Something You Need To Watch If You Love Nolan's Dark Knight

Here is a cool fan made trailer that is making the rounds on all the big geek sites ( /Film, Topless Robot, etc)... which means I usually wouldn't have posted it since those guys had it covered. But this one is to cool to ignore. Here you go:

Here is what the creator of the faux trailer, The Man Batman, has said about the vid:

The gist of the idea revolves around a few fun topics, mainly the whole “what is real?” train of thought, and also every fans desire, deep down or upfront, to be Batman at least once in their lives. LOL. And so, I tried to craft a story where we see what happens when someone takes their dream of being Batman a little bit too far. An idea, after all, is a truly resilient parasite. ;)
While some of it is still left a bit ambiguous (both unintentionally and intentionally – while there’s only so much that can be strung together, I often like to leave a little bit open so as to see what fellow fans are able to imagine/create)… I wanted to focus more on the character aspects (and a bit of the tragedy as well), and attempt to move past the initial shock of the psychological twist. One aspect I tried to hint at was the paralleling descent of both Bruce and Cobb. As Cobb and the team go deeper into Bruce’s mind, they start to encounter the truly dark issues that his subconscious houses. As a result, Cobb himself gets caught up in the obsession of all that lingers in the mind of a Batman. There are a couple fun things in there that are best left to surprise, but all in all, I’m relatively happy with how it turned out. It’s fairly fast paced and doesn’t leave much room to breath, which helps amplify the tension I think. But that’s just me.

Inception, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight & The Machinist all in one? YES PLEASE!!! Would you watch this? Please leave some comments in the section below!!!


  1. I liked the Batman of the 1960s with colorful tights and onomatopoeias flashing across the fight scenes.