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March 10, 2011

Tommy Lombardozzi Draws An Obscure-ish 80's Toy - Vol#1

Whattup, kids?! I know I haven't been around much lately, and for that I apologize. To the two of you that missed me, well, I missed you too.

My art over the last few months hasn't much been in line with the more pop-oriented, pop culture stuff I was doing for C.C.D. up towards last Summer. Also, I spent the last month or two working on my website, where I am finally selling prints of my stuff. Very happy about that.

Anyway, enough excuses. Let's get right into things.

I had the idea recently that I wanted to do some drawings of stuff I grew up with in the '80s. Basically, toys I loved back then. But not He-Man or GI Joe or Thundercats... all the stuff that saturates blogs and pop-culture sites ad nauseam (actually, that stuff doesn't make me nauseous. I like it. But, I wanted to cover less treaded ground.)

So, for the next few weeks, I will present to you, my adoring fans (did anyone besides Mr. Mike D. even know I was gone?! Ha!), an OBSCURE-ISH '80s TOY a week!

This week, it is 'CRYSTAR: CRYSTAL WARRIOR'!

These were really cool toys. I won't go into the history of this toy like, that's Joe Armao's job, but I dug 'em, and if you played with them as well, you'll dig this!

This is done in marker.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's '80s toy done up TL-style! Who/what will be featured next time, you ask... ? Well, you'll just have to come back and see, won't you?

Until next week, C.C.Degenerates...

Smile up!

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  1. I fucking love me some Crystar.... great job T!!! I still didn't get my postcard son!!!!

  2. Nothing more important than WHISKEY!!!!