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March 10, 2011

Remembering B.I.G. - The CCD Crew Picks Their Favorite Biggie Joints!!!

So since yesterday was the anniversary of Biggie's death, I decided it was fitting to have some of the friends and colleagues who help me here at CCD pick THEIR own favorite Biggie joints and give us some explanations as to why they picked what they did. This is a true 'Throwback Thursday'... remember Biggie's life and what he accomplished in such a short time. To quote my man Big: "Stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it, and live the phrase SKY'S THE LIMIT!!!"

Mike D - Mr. CCD, The H.B.I.C. (Head Blogger In Charge), and all around NYC Representer - 'Real Niggas Do Real Things'

"Picking my favorite Biggie song is almost impossible... can't just be one. There are so many good ones (most of which are coming up on this list) it's hard to choose. I am going with 'Real Niggas Do Real Things' because Biggie jacks all the best West Coast beats from the time and raps masterfully over them. I feel like this was his way of saying "Fuck You" to the West Coast by killing their beats, but at the same time praising the West Coast for the funky beats they had at the time. Not to mention my all time favorite line: "Hanging with the niggas don't pay the bills... and being broke at 30 give a nigga the chills." You gotta love that guy!!!" 

Jeff Bond - CCD's Lego Enthusiast & Co-Editor - 'One More Chance' (Remix)

"Most of Biggie's tracks just remind me of a less complicated time when I used to be out at clubs/bars 3 nights a week relaxin' having a few drinks and looking for a few good ladies. 'One More Chance' was not the exception. It was more of the epitome of that feeling."

Kate Jones - Sister In Law Extraordinaire & True Blood/Harry Potter Expert - Total ft Biggie - 'Can't You See', 'Juicy', and 'Mo Money More Problems'

"Tough one! I guess I'll pick whichever one the other people don't :-) I am going with 'Can't You See' by Total featuring Biggie and for pure Biggie I am going with 'Juicy', even though 'Mo Money...' makes me want to dance constantly. 
'Juicy' is just so good. The perfect radio friendly Biggie... and that's his stuff that I like. I am in no way a rap geek. I don't like a lot of the stuff that comes out... but Biggie... he's different. The radio friendly stuff was completely amazing. Perfect mix of rap, hip hop and pop sounds. 
'Can't You See'- "My rap rhymes is like land mines, one step, KA-BOOM! Black suits fill the room"... rhymes like this paired with the beautiful voices of Total... great stuff!
'Mo Money'- Jesus- this song was played at every Sweet 16 I went to in high school, and it made everyone get up! Reminds me of some pretty amazing times every time I hear it!"

Glenn Gracia - Friend Of CCD, Email Fight Starter, and Lover Of All Things Ma$e!!! - Puff Daddy ft Biggie and Ma$e - 'Been Around The World' 

"I am not a big fan of Rap, but it is hard not to love Ma$e and the rest of the Bad Boy Family. Those guys just have great lyrics and are so talented. It's not like they are lucky at all... just wonderful! Especially that 'Ma$e' kid... he enunciates so well, you can understand him and all the hot lyrics he writes. This one is one of my faves. And J-Lo can get it!!!"

Nunzio Ingrassia - Ginzo Beyond Belief, One Of Mike's Best Friends, and Man Of Few Words (He's Not A Talker) - 'I Got A Story To Tell'

"Biggie was known for his storytelling ability and no song better illustrates that than this one."

Tommy Lombardozzi - Awesome Artist & Musician, Whiskey Drinker, Drawer of Cocks - ???

"Did he ever make a song with the Beatles? Then fuck him..."

Briana Melendez -  Jef's Woman, CCD's Artist Enthusiast, and All Around Cool Girl - 'Unbelievable'

"'Unbelievable' off the 'Ready to Die' album. The beat is sick & his flow tight, as always. Nobody could rhyme like him. The album dropped at the beginning of my first semester in college & it will always remind me of that time."

Tara Carberry - Mike's Boo, Tolerator Of Mike's Incessant Blogging, and Molder Of The Future Minds Of America - 'Juicy'

"This song reminds me of when I was younger... hanging at the park with the boys from around the neighborhood always playing it. Still, every time this song comes on, everyone gets excited!!!" 

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