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March 29, 2011

OHC of the Day: Marielle Jaffe

Marielle Jaffe! Name not ringing a bell? Aside from her modeling career, she had her run in the television series version of '10 Things I hate About You', then burst onto the big screen in a small part as a sexy temptress in 'Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief'. Next up, the sultry 20-something will soon to be in (..and murdered, I'd bet) in the upcoming return, slasher 'Scream 4' (in theaters April 15th)  alongside a bevy a beauties. (tiny Hayden Panetierre; Courtney Cox; Alison Brie, and young up-and-cummer Emma Roberts to name a few.) I'm positive, however, that her assets will be something to talk about after the screaming has subsided. Here's a closer look at the new scream queen:

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  1. I think I did pretty good THIS time if I do say so myself.

  2. Pretty good? You did an absolutely fantastic job. Keep it up! Haha! Keep it up.