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March 30, 2011

Tara Reid Plays EVERYBODY In 'The Big Lebowski Pt. 2'

Stay classy Ms Reid....

A few months back, Tara Reid gave some drunk rambling on how she was looking forward to the start of filming on 'The Big Lebowski Pt. 2'. She couldn't wait to get cracking... trouble was, nobody else remotely new what the fuck she was talking about. Not the John Goodman, not Jeff Bridges, and definitely not the Coen Brothers. This lead to more redicule for the down and out Reid.... so what did she do? She teamed up with Funny or Die to make her version of 'The Big Lebowski Pt. 2'.

This is why anybody can become and stay famous now-a-days. She makes some retarded comment about a classic movie, everyone makes her look like the dumbass she is, and then they make a parody video starring her... WTF!!!! Pretty funny anyway... hope you enjoy.

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