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March 22, 2011

LEGO Iconic Vol #10 by Jeff Bond

I am such a huge Lego nerd that words can not explain. Soooo I've decided to use my favorite blog site as an outlet to get some of this stuff that I see every day, built out of bricks, out of my skull and onto the blogosphere where it can't hurt my cerebral cortex. Each month I'll be posting the best of the best hoping to inspire the Lego maniac in each of you...young and old.  Enjoy!

First up, an old stand-by, Profound Whatever, offers this re-imagining of Disney's lucky hare (whose name  he mixed with that of JFK assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald of course) armed to the whiskers in heavy artillery. The tubes used for spent bullet casings were an awesome touch and ya' gotta love the new design that's been popping up for fingers and hands for this scale creation. the f*ck out!

'Lee Harvey Oswald the Lucky Rabbit'

...also Profound Whatever created this homage to the iconic image 'Flower Chucker' from guerrilla artist and talk of the town Banksy (original image below). The likeness is uncanny. 

click 'READ MORE' below for much more Lego Iconery

Orion Pax has had the Transformers line on lockdown for a long time now. The only question is if he'll ever stop creating so many brilliant robots in disguise. This installment we take a look at his FULLY TRANSFORMABLE version of 'Starscream' created entirely in Lego brick in response to Hasbro's new 'Kre-O Transformers' (esp. the whack version of  'Starscream') toy line which are NOT made by Lego and DO NOT...I repeat DO NOT transform! Kudos once again, Mr. Pax. Maybe YOU should be collecting a paycheck at Hasbro. Your work is always more than meets the eye!

Thanks to Bros. Brick for the heads up on this massive, out of this world castle environment 'Castle in the Sky' by Mrva & Carlo. Check their post page to see all the majestic detail including horse and chariot, ceremonial ritual rock and it's strange cast of assorted characters. Skies the limit with this piece!

'Castle in the Sky'

Minifg manipulator Morgan 190 has a couple of sweet new pieces on display on Flickr. First is 'The 
The Blight of Oz' a futuristic/steampunk revisioning of the L. Frank Baum classic. 'Danica Gale' leads her band of merry men: 'd'Scarecrow', 'TinnMann' and 'Cowardly Liar'. Click the link HERE to see each character up close and personal. I love the metal detail and usage of all existing Lego Minifig parts. I shudder to think what may have become of poor Toto. 

Next up, Morgan combined the parts of Lego Minifigs with those of 3 & 3/4 in. G.I. Joe figures to create, the statuesque, 'Theodore the Towering Taskmaster'. Whatta concept!! I never imagined 2 of my favorite toy lines would come together in such an odd way. Equally as odd is how seamlessly the legs seem to come together within the Lego crotch and torso pieces. Just great! Teddy is a tall order, for sure!

 If Obi Wan never seen a hive of scum and villainy  greater than the one on 'Tatooine', than he's never been to 'Plasmos'. I Scream Clone spent some time perfecting a the neat little sister club of the 'Star Wars' cantina. On this system, if ya somehow make it past the creepily exotic doormen, inside you'll be treated to an all nude alien burlesque cabaret and all the extra-caffeinated Jawa juice you can handle. (or can't handle, for that matter. They won't judge!) But, beware! Clone and Storm troopers alike are also welcome here and, if you have a price on your head, you might find yourself under imperial arrest before you can stay "Jar Jar stinks"!

Also from I Scream Clone is this Disney/Pixar 'Toy Story' send up that has Mr. Potatohead fairing pretty well for himself against the legions of little green army men...aptly titled 'We need more flame units!'. The green army men, of course, are from the existing Lego Toy Story line but, the neat toy blocks ('I', 'S' & 'C'...for I Scream Clone...of course!) and Potato himself are all from the brain of the the piece's creator. Don't believe me? Check out the turkey dinner that doubles as the big Mr.'s nose...and croissants for eyebrows! I think he may need a dentist, though, (or whatever does oral work on a spud these days)  Those teeth are gruesome! And those "angry eyes"..just perfect!

'We Need More Flame Units!'

Jas Brick has an excitingly obscure referance done Lego Minifig style. In his piece 'You're Screwed', Jas seems to have tapped the troll-rific gorgons from the video game 'Blood Bowl' (seen below). The 'devil is in the detail' as they say! So check out all the little tiny finer points. One would definitely think they were screwed if they were facing these cretins in a line of scrimmage. Hut one.....hut two.....die!

'You're Screwed'

...and what's any football team without a place to play? Buckeye fans will recognize this next piece as a tiny scale Lego replica of Ohio State University Stadium. Although, I'm not a college sports fan, (nor a sports fan in general for that matter. What did you expect from a Lego nerd?) but EVEN I can appreciate the care and detail put into this field of  dreams created form 10's of thousands of Lego bits of love. Thanks to Mike for the heads up.

'Ohio State University Stadium'

Thanks to Mr. Mike D for the heads up on this brick-tastic pachyderm he spotted over at the circus that is  Superpunch blogspot. They do a great job over there keeping an eye out for Lego brickery. This 'Mecha-Elephant' was created by Monster Brick and, to my delight, bears a striking resemblance to a certain 'Star Wars Imperial Walker' in the appendage area but, I in no way think the artist took any shortcuts here. The detail proves to be almost completely original. I especially love the chain & hook tail and the UFO toppings for ears. I'll never forget this one (...see what I did there? 'Cause an elephant never....ah never mind!)


Holy Lego bricks, Batman! Dave Kaleta sculpted this rendition (completely out of Lego) of Robin the boy wonder entitled 'Same Bat time, all the time'! I love the intricate unkempt hair style and signature green slippers. Thanks to Super Punch for this lead, once again. I wonder if there's a caped counterpart in this young wards future? Stay tuned...same Bat time...saaaaame Bat channel!

74 louloute offers this pub that only sea-farer's and scallywags will enjoy. 'McBernick's Tavern' is a pirate's paradise! Ale flows freely and wenches stored away in every nook and cranny. The set up reminds me of a bar we used to frequent out in Far Rockaway. 'The Bridge' I think was it's name but, my memory always betrays me much like a treacherous seadog would. Avast!

Some cute little Lego Mech Robots are stomping around and reminding me of tiny Rococop dioramas. 

Rod Gillies at 'Empire of Steam' has a couple of teeny-tinys that Dick Jones would love as desk ornaments. Just look at the way they infiltrate the itsy-bitsy streets of downtown Detroit (or so that's where I imagine them to be anyways.) pewn pewn!

...and than, Sam Hill throws his inventors cap into the mechanical arena with these little chicken walkers he calls 'Micro Models'. I think I see quite a few Space Minifig shoulder pauldrons being used in very smart ways here. Gotta love that arm cannon on the one to the far right in photo 1 and the teensy tank treads in photo 2! pewn...pewn! (Sorry, I can't help it.)

Thanks to the boss man, Mr. Mike D for sending this link to Buzzfeed where Lego Star Wars Minifigs have gotten themselves into 'real life' situations. Oh, how I'd love to BBQ for a 'slave girl' Leia or play fetch in the park with Chewy.  I picked a few of my favorites but check the link for the rest! 

Thanks to fellow CCD contributor, and gal-pal, Bri Melendez and the big man Mr. Mike D. for simultaneously forwarding me this fantastic video clip by Ninja Moped  made out of the beloved brick they found on Geekologie (see that's called giving credit to colleagues, Geekologie. You guys should look into it. ;)
You'll spot some great homage to all that is 8 bit video in this one. it's Pac-tastic!

A Lego Maniac with the tag name Crises_CRS has been working overtime for months creating so many dreamy works of Lego artistry that it's hard to include them all. So, I picked a few of my favorites this time and may have more for you in the months to come.

This one's entitled 'Last Moments of Little Mermaid' and, from the looks of things, Disney's sweetheart of the sea is about to become the main course for some creepy crustacean as brightly colored bricks portray the ocean's surrounding flora. If she doesn't get out of there quickly, she may end up like her sister-mermaid who finds herself in the digested tract of that sleek sawfish!

'Last Moments of the Little Mermaid'

'The Gates of All Creation' is, perhaps, CRISES' Sci-Fi attempt at explaining where all brick life (and perhaps human life) comes from......a super-large, yet beautiful, Vagina!...hahaha...Great! I don't know why the idea that CRISES used the bronzed hands and face color in contrast with the pristinely white space suit grabs me in the way that it does, maybe it's because it imagines that our traveler removed his space-gloves before approaching  the behemoth like opening. Either way, let's get this movie going shall we? may I suggest '2011 A Space Odd-pussy'!

'The Gates of All Creation'

...and here's a tiny sculpt of his entitled 'Golden Towers'. Although tiny in stature, this piece is large on life. Just look at how much detail CRISES gets from such small amounts of brick used to create the castle and it's dragon underneath. Exemplary!

'Golden Towers'

'The Musacuminata Cult' looks like something ripped from the film 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' or perhaps one of it's black and white parental predecessor films. I don't get the reference and haven't wrapped my tiny Lego wasteland of a brain around the usage of the sacrificial banana, however. Maybe YOUu, my faithful followers, can shed some light on the subject in the comment area below.  

'The Musacuminata Cult'

I will make no apologies but, I must confess...I despise fan made Lego'Cube Dudes' to no end. Not  because they were originally just simple, promotional Lego Toy Fair pieces based around the Star Wars cast but, because their simple construction led anyone and everyone  to begin deconstructing and reassembling them to create EACH and EVERY character that ever existed in film, TV or comicbook history nauseam! ....but....BUT...I witheld that prejudicial hatred once I feasted my eyes on these great Cube Dudes by CRISES. Generally all are lesser beloved film stars yet all three of these pieces take the basic cube dude construction and poop down it's neck. 

'The Gimp'

Penny Wise the Clown from Stephen King's 'It'

Samara from 'The Ring'

...whew...sorry about my Brick-tirade. Let's carry on shall we?...

'Mr. Green, in the Conservatory, with the rope' is a small diorama paying homage to the great Parker Bros. game of everyone's youth 'Clue'. For such a small sculpt, check out the detail on the patio table to the left.....

...than, of course, theres 'In The Crypt' in 'Mr. Brown, in the crypt, with silver quarral' which is a little less specifically based in the game 'Clue' and moreso derived from the annuls of CRISES' brick-cluttered brain. We love it!

Our buddy Kal over at Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool makes no bones about how angry he is at all that is new in Lego brick these days while he and I were left only with 4 different sized blocks in our day with which to create. With that being said, he posted this cute reminder from about the reality of Lego blocks before the 80's. 100% of the frustrated Lego enthusiasts from my generation will agree with 100% of this pie chart. Who knows what the other 15% will say. Thanks Kal!

Will Page (aka 'Haystack's Hair') has created this cute and cuddly little 'Portal Turret' who looks to be just finishing up some target practice...and maybe injuring a few species on the other side of that steel wall in the process. See the clip below for fully operational turret....and for pete's!
Thanks to General Mike D. and our boys at Brothers-Brick for the find.

'Portal Turret'

And also from our brothers-from-another-mother over at the Lego-tastic website Brothers-Brick, I found the link to this marvelous 'Tardis Console Room' from the ever popular 'Dr. Who' series. I haven't see even one episode featuring any of the new doctors since the 70's so maybe one of you Dr. Who-ers can explain to me what the heck is going on down there in the comment area below. Whatver it is, this place looks almost TOO real thanks to the work of Mr. Xeno Murphy at MOC Pages. You'll see more pictures over there on his post.

Finally, a reminder to all the video game addicts that, as of March 29th 2011, Lego Star Wars Clone Wars will be available everywhere . This ones based on the Cartoon Network CGI cartoons. If it's anything like it's predecessors, than it'll be Force-fun for all ages and even moreso for fun-loving fans of Star Wars. You can pick up a copy at Video Game Central for Playstation 3, PSP, Microsoft X360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS ...and even the new Nintendo 3-DS! See some of the gameplay in the clip provided below. 

'Til next time Lego Enthusiasts. 
Be sure to email me directly with any leads on impressive Lego creations


  1. WOW...I still hate Lego for what it denied me as a child but these are some pretty great pieces. Great post.

  2. Damn! I want more details on the Starscream! How long did it take? Is there a video out there on it transforming!

  3. @Kal...I will keep posting until you learned to love all that is Lego. Thanks for constantly checking in. You da man!

  4. @Joe...I know right!! You're a man possessed! 'Orion Pax' makes them so that they transform! He models them very specifically against the joints and mechanisms that make the original TOY transformers transform...and he's just become brilliant at doing so. I tried to dig even deeper than I already have to try and find a video clip of Lego Starscream transforming, to no avail. The best I could do is find these images for his Optimus and Hound that I posted in previous Lego Iconic installments....but these extra photos show the robots folding down into vehicles.

    Optimus Prime partial transform photos....

    Hound....partial transform photos....

    ...I'll keep my headlights peeled for footage of the robots in disguise and keep you [posted. Promise.

    Thanks again for checkin' in!

  5. Thanks for the post, it's always fun to randomly come across my stuff that people actually like. ;)