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March 23, 2011

The Kardashians Suck...That's What He Said! - A Rant by Teressa Farino

'The Kardashians' have Teressa seeing red!

Ray J. and Kim
Ok, so can someone please tell me why the Kardashians are so special and get all this media attention, shows, and money?!! Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, all spelled with a K...klever...has no reason to make all this money and be on TV. Give me one good reason why these three pigs are so famous, or should I say "infamous". Kim, who is obviously the better looking of the three, got recognized for a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J (which is so laughable that they even had sex) which was put on the internet and she claims it was 'stolen'. Right, Ray J., someone came into your bedroom at night while you were sleeping all alone and stole a sex tape of you and probably the prettiest girl you'll ever lay. It's totally believable! Anyway, this whole sex tape thing lead to the horrendous show 'The Kardashians', which was introduced to Amercia's youth, like many other distasteful shows on TV nowadays, and made this whole crappy family rich.

Khewy Kardashian
Why do the ugly sister's have their own stores, TV shows, and athletic boyfriends now?! How is this possible?! Listen, Lamar Odom is not much of a looker in my opinion, but Khloe is a beast on heels! I'm sure she's really a nice person and gives good head, just like Kim, but WTF! Kourtney's hubby is an okay looking guy, but because of recent events, we now know he could be legally insane. Kim definitely has the better track record for boyfriends out of the three. Besides Ray J. (oofa!), she has banged at least one athlete from every state on every team! I'd call that an accomplishment. You go girl!
I obviously do not like these ladies or the family, but I can't blame them, I blame the Networks, sponsors, America!...who keeps trash like this on TV and in magazines for young people to look up to. The Kardashians are just like any other selfish and greedy human being on this earth who wants to be famous and make enough money doing anything (think sex tape) so they don't have to do any 'real' work.

All I'm saying is what happen to us Americans?? We're supposed to be the superior country that always knows whats best for the world! Now we make and watch mindless TV ('..Kardashians', 'Jersey Shore', 'Real Housewives of Hoboken'), are lazy and fatter than ever and we have the balls to cry when another country disses us. Let them diss us! We deserve it. We are dumb, lazy, and fat! Sorry, going off on a tangent here, but back to the point...if the Kardashians make you as angry as they do for me, let me know. Or if there is a TV show, movie, or anything that you want to get off your chest, please leave a comment and let's talk it'll feel better. ;)

Khewy Kardashian Don't Do White Guys... Sorry Han!!!

***Photoshops courtesy of Glenn G... yeah kid!!!***


  1. That is hilarious. We don't have this show in Australia, but because of gossip magazines etc we know what it is.

  2. Well said ! I will now think of Khewy Kardasian anytime I see a commercial! They are a waste of life and we all become a litter dumber, by even abssorbing a second of their show.

  3. I remember hearing when Bruce Jenner got married. I thought, good for you, dude. She's good looking, congrats.

    Then Paris Hilton became famous. Someone showed me a picture of Kim Kardashian, and I thought, she's hot. I asked who she was, what's she's been in, does she sing, but I was told she was just famous. How? She's Paris Hilton's best friend. So she was famous for being the best friend of someone that is famous for being famous. God, the world sucks.

    Bruce! You were an olympic record holder in the decathalon. What went wrong!

    No Kardashian show in Austrailia? What a great country.

    1. Australian people have no idea how lucky they are not having to see these fat piggies! I dint get why people think they are hot... Very low standards maybe? I don't find any of them attractive in any way. I don't get why so many women want to look like them... Well i guess if you set the bar low it's easier to achieve.

  4. Ryan Seacrest needs to be shot for forcing these hyenas onto us!

  5. kardashians, the real show about nothing.

  6. those sluts are to stupid to live. what a waste of t.v. air time what a waste of life