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March 23, 2011

How Many Bones Do You Think Steven Seagal Has Broken In His Movie Fights?

My man Vince Mancini over at Film Drunk may be one of my favorite bloggers on the internet... the dude is just hilarious. He has little things he injects to everyone one of his stories, like typing all his words with Bawstan (Boston) spellings whenever he discusses Mark Wahlberg. One of his favorite topics is the train wreck that is Steven Seagal... and everytime he discusses Seagal he uses the famous quote "Who Did Babby Lupo?" from Seagal's 'Out For Justice'. He makes me crack up. Anyway, he made his video editor Oliver Noble watch every Steven Seagal movie ever made (oh, the horror!!!) and come up with a running count of all the bone breaks that occur. This is a great one, check it out:


  1. The more important question is, how many panda's has he hugged?

  2. JediRob,

    An even better question is: What is the cutest deadly animal?

    I'm not being sarcastic. I think this should be a poll.