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February 9, 2011

Swag Bag!!!!

Two of my very good friends, Tony from StixFigure Clothing and Johnny from the blog Freddy in Space have made me a very happy camper as they have sent me packages filled with some awesome swag!!! I love sending out packages, but I can't lie... I love getting them more. They say it is better to give then to receive. I say that's bullshit. So lets get to the goodies.

First up, my man Tony hit me up with some fly ass headgear from StixFigure. I am a bit to hefty to fit into some of his gear (which makes me mad, because his shit is SOOOO Fly!!!!), but at least I can rock these awesome hats. The thing I love about them is that all three are so vastly different.

First, we got the 'La La Land' fitted cap. It's a lot like the L.A. Dodgers 'New Era' hat, but with the little twists that make it strictly StixFigure. Sick!!!

Second, we got the 'Mulberry St.' 5 panel adjustable cap, which has a traditional checkered print in the spirit of those classic Italian restaurant tablecloths. Awesome, just awesome.

Finally we got a Stixfigure Skully. I'm in... especially with all this winter here in NYC!!!!

Also, check out these cool stickers Tony made up to promote the label. Very cool... he's got tons of other stuff like T Shirts, Hoodies, Cologne, Skateboard Decks and Hats... they got it all. Make sure you click here to get the full StixFigure experience... and tell em CCD sent ya!

Next, my boy Johnny came correct. Johnny runs the very cool horror blog Freddy In Space. His blog is freaking unreal, and its my first stop, everyday, when I peruse the web. Anyway, I sent Johnny a Freddy Kreuger sticky toy from the 80's that I came across at Joe Koch's Comic Warehouse, and it turned out to be a crazy variant in upside down packaging. That made my man Johnny smile... and he decided to reciprocate in a very awesome way.

He sent me this cool care package that had a "Support Independent Horror Movies" button, an O.G. Prom Night  sticker, and this very cool etching of Clint Howard from the cult classic movie 'Ice Cream Man'. I'll let Johnny explain:
Yo Mike! I don't know if you saw my post on the blog about this a couple months back, but my friend Zach ( made me this awesome wood carving of Clint Howard from Ice Cream Man, which he then used to make 9 limited edition prints from (all of which he sent to me also), before painting over the carving and thus ensuring no other prints could ever be pulled from it. I don't know if you seen or like Ice Cream Man as much as I do, but I wanted you to have one anyway. Just a little something to show my appreciation for all the awesome things you have done for me. I know we keep saying we need to meet up and hang out, I just don't get my lazy ass into the city to often but rest assured, such an epic hangout will be happening soon enough!!! You rock man, hope all is well with you and yours.
Wow... I own the #5 print of a one of a kind wood carving... and yes, I do love 'Ice Cream Man' (it's so bad it's great!!!). Thanks Johnny... lets get that meet-up going soon!!!

Thanks again guys... thanks for all the gifts. You never know when you might get something back in your mailbox.... hehehehe!!!!!

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