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February 15, 2011

So... 'The Amazing Spider-Man' It Is

Very well, very well... I have to admit that I like the use of the name 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. It's the original title of the classic series from way back in 1963, and I am glad to see Marc Webb going back to the series roots with the title. Now, as far as the suit goes... ehhhhh.

The suit looks a bit to blue for me. I don't like the blue in the gloves. I do like the web shooters, and the organic feel of the suit. It looks very neoprene-ish, which is dope. So I am kind of torn on this one. What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments section below.


  1. I am torn too. I wrote about this on my site. The suit looks a bit too complicated for a teen kid to put together since seeing how natural the costume in 'Kick Ass' looked. I have a terrible feeling that this unecessary reboot was made just so Spidey could have mechanical as opposed to organic web shooters which again is something a kid with a high school science education could never come up with. I am really hoping this one will be good.

  2. Costume looks like a great update to me. I'm also down with the title. Just don't know why they feel the need to keep doing a 'reboot' all the time. The first 2 films rocked...the third hit some MAJOR bumps in the road but, regardless we KNOW the fuckin' origin story by heart. Just recast the film and take it from where the third installment left off. So many great villains to thwart and they keep starting from scratch?! I 'Dislike' this trend!

  3. I love the addition of the web shooters! To me they are a testament to just how extraordinarily super-scientifically smart Peter Parker is, which is an oft-looked over fact. As for the costume its self, there seems to be some superfluous tweaks but it's still definitely Spider-Man. Thumbs up.